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If you’ve been designing or developing chatbots for Facebook, Kik, Slack or any of the major platforms, you would be well familiar with the user interface concept of ‘cards’.

You would also be aware of their limitations, and why the news from Microsoft about an open source standard called Adaptive Cards is a leap forward for all chatbot platforms.

While JSON is open and easy to understand, when you need to build complex layouts, or multiple cards with similar features, creating JSON by hand can be both error prone and time consuming.

AdaptiveCards Designer solves all of these problems and more.

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BETA Download

Please be sure to uninstall any previous versions before installing this one. All of your project data should remain safe in your Documents/AIStudio/ folder.

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The Beta dowload is an MSI file. After the download completes, run the file to launch the application installer.

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If you have any issues please drop us a line by creating a support ticket.

Technical Support

Online publishing and API (coming soon)

Shortly, you’ll be able to publish your cards to AIStudio and then use a simple web API to bring your cards straight into your chosen platform.

We’ll let registered AIStudio users know when this exciting feature becomes available to try.

Smart Screen Filter Issues

Due to a production delay from DigiCert, we are still waiting for our extended validation (EV) security certificate to sign our product MSI files.

If you are downloading with Chrome, you may see this download notification at the bottom of your browser. You can click on the arrow circled in red and opt to Keep the download file.

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If you are downloading with Microsoft Edge, you may see warnings about our file.

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If you see this, it is entirely safe to click on “Run” which will then show this dialogue, where you should then click the “More info” button as circled in red.

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You can then click on “Run anyway” to begin the install application.

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Our products are signed with an active AIStudio security certificate. As soon as the EV is issued, all products and updates will be signed with it.

We apologies for any concerns this raises and are actively working to fix this issue as soon as possible.