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Artificial Intelligence is hard. Writing software for it can be even harder.
With AIStudio we built an editor that provides an easy to understand and consistent workflow, while removing all the technical hurdles around managing truly complex conversations.
We also understood that while customers love using AI, it had to move beyond simple question and answer engagements and the kind of natural language programming (NLP) featured on most platforms today.
So we built the AIStudio editor to take full advantage of a revolutionary new Cognitive AI engine from ISR called iLi.
iLi enables incredibly fluid conversations and in a world first, you get to build your very own bespoke AI personalities simply by dragging your mouse.
This is new.
This is the most cutting edge conversational AI platform available.

Welcome to AIStudio

AIStudio persona screen

What can you build?

virtual sales
software applications
hardware systems
internet of things
autonomous self driving cars
digital assistant

AIStudio can integrate with just about anything.

When we use the term “application”, we are collectively referring to all of the different types of projects that you may be working on. Robots, chatbots, software applications for example.

You could be building one or more projects that you intend to use conversational AI in, and the best news is that you can use the same AIStudio project to support all of them – at the same time and without modification to your project.

We also give you two ways to integrate AIStudio projects, which cover almost every scenario you could think of.

connecting to an AIStudio project

No Code Environment

AIStudio makes it incredibly easy for anyone to design and build rich conversational experiences without writing any code.

Intuitive Conversation Flow

AIStudio provides an intuitive conversation flow map which lets you build complexity into your intelligence with confidence.

Faster Development

Simple color coding and intelligent error notifications give you an ‘at-a-glance’ understanding of what needs your attention.

The AIStudio editor is an enterprise application for Windows 10.

You get native application performance and security, integrated with the AIStudio web platform giving you maximum productivity and control of your projects.

It’s incredibly simple and fast to build a bespoke AI personality

Personalities are fluid, functional, personable and emotional. They are the key to enabling more human like communication in conversational artificial intelligence.

You define your AI persona with a collection of attributes.

The AIStudio platform takes care of the rest, by dynamically synthesizing human like personality traits at runtime.

AIStudio bespoke persona attribute matrix

Pro-level conversation design – all without a single line of code

The AIStudio editor is a unique, yet familiar environment for both designers and developers.

Projects are a collection of linked scripts. Each script containing a simple to understand flowchart layout of connected blocks that represent a thread of a conversation.

AIStudio project management

Instant testing with AISHost

AIStudio also comes with AISHost which is an integrated test environment so you can immediately test your conversations and personalities.

AIStudio testing application AISHost

You can find further details of the editor on the Features page.

Get quickly up to speed with our video tutorials

Who has time these days to read page after page of documentation?

We’ve created a complete range of video tutorials that take you through step by step, from starter to advanced topics.

The Grand Tour

It’s a new product. For some, it will be a new concept. This video gives you a guided tour of the AIStudio interface including an introduction to the workflow of constructing a great conversation.

Making your AI unique
Creating Personas

In this video you will learn how to create a new Persona. You'll learn about the Attribute Matrix and how personas are used by the iLi engine

We cover everything from creating your first simple conversation, all the way though to examples of integrations into applications and chatbots.

Watching the tutorials in order will show you how to get the most out of AIStudio.

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